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David Ortiz began to sing professionally at the age of nine years old. For many years he appeared in various top-rated television and radio programs throughout Latin America, and performed at many internationally renowned hotels, as well as the most prestigious nightclubs in the Spanish-speaking world. In addition, he recorded for the top recording labels RCA Victor, United Artists, Epic, and Columbia/CBS (Sony). However, it was during this time that David got caught up in the world of drugs and his marriage was at the brink of collapse. Yet, it was while he was singing alongside Latin America’s most famous group (Los Panchos) that he had a life changing experience that brought him to Jesus Christ.

David travels throughout the world singing and sharing with others the great wonders of God. He sings in Spanish, as well as in English, and has been a special guest on numerous radio and television programs, both in the Christian, as well in the secular media. In addition, he is a frequent guest of the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship, whose goal it is to share the Gospel with other professionals and high-level executives, including those serving in the political arena, and leaders of various countries.

is perhaps best known as a gospel singer, but he is also an eloquent preacher, lecturer and teacher of the Word of God. He holds a Master of Divinity degree from Union Theological Seminary, the distinguished theological seminary affiliated with Columbia University in New York. In addition, he is a dynamic composer, interpreter, and has written for several Christian magazines, including Dr. Billy Graham’s “Decision” magazine. Indeed, David is one of the most versatile and multi-talented gospel singers in Christian music today. He presently resides in New Jersey, where he heads David Ortiz Ministries.
God’s In Control

Here is the first English recording by David Ortiz. Inside you will find songs that satisfy all musical tastes. For those who prefer today’s contemporary sounds, God’s In Control is for you. In addition, songs like When Heaven Calls will both inspire and warm your heart. For those whose musical tastes fall more within in the pop realm, The Love Of Jesus is surely your “cup of tea”. Others, who cherish the old standards in Country & Western style, will find that Help Me, Where Could I Go But To The Lord, and If That Isn’t Love, will return you to the Land Of Glory. Add to this dynamic mix the gospel touch of I Can’t Even Walk Without You Holding My Hand, and prepare to be spiritually lifted to higher ground. Finally, Just Give Me Jesus “rounds out” this collection of spirit-moving songs with a powerful message of spiritual steadfastness.

More importantly, each song has been carefully selected with you in mind. It is our desire that, as you listen to each song, you will praise God for Who He is, for what He has done in your life, and for what He continues to do.

Interestingly enough, this is David’s first endeavor into the English-speaking world. For many years, he was an internationally known Latin American singer. Yet, having had a life-changing experience that brought him to Jesus Christ some years ago, he now travels throughout the Spanish-speaking world ministering in both Word and song. David has recorded eight Spanish Christian albums.

“Still, it has taken me some time to polish-up my English, and to feel confident enough to introduce my music to my English-speaking brethren; but it’s been quite rewarding; and, definitely, worth it…” and he does it wondrously with this, his first English recording, blending his trademark falsettos with the strength of his natural voice.

Finally, this recording is the result of much prayer. We believe it to be God inspired and God anointed. May it bless your life. And never, ever forget that God’s In Control!
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